Your natural lash health is my top priority! Specializing in damage-free, custom, one-of-a-kind lash design; I guarantee, no two sets will ever be the same.

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Lash Enhancements



Not the same as eyelash extensions but the perfect alternative without the maintenance!

Lash Lift - $75
Lift & curl your natural lashes to beautifully frame your eyes and show off your true natural lash length. Lash lifts are especially great for anyone with very straight or downward growing lashes. Lash lifts last anywhere from six to eight weeks.
Up to one hour

Lash Tint - $25
Make your lashes stand-out with a semi-permanent tint in either dark brown or blackest-black with colour lasting between three to four weeks. 
Up to twenty minutes

Lash Lift & Tint - $90  **Most requested**
The perfect combination of our low maintenance lift with a side of dark brown or blackest-black tint. Ideal for clients wanting their natural lashes to stand-out without the maintenance of eyelash extensions.
Up to one hour & fifteen minutes

*Once your lash lift is complete, you will need to avoid getting your lashes wet for a full 24 hours. Please plan accordingly!

Eyelash Extensions



While last minute appointments may come available, I typically recommend booking 3-4 weeks in advance to find an appointment that best suits your schedule.

Classic Eyelash Extensions

Add fullness and length for a natural, mascara-like look with one extension per one natural lash. Perfect for day-to-day wear and most ideal for clients that are looking to skip the mascara in their beauty routine while still maintaining the health & integrity of the natural lash.

New Set - $225
Up to three hours

Classic Fill (up to 21 days from last service) - $115
Up to one and a half hours

Please note: It is up to the client to pre-book their appointments and book-in sooner if they are experiencing a heavy shed.

Volume Eyelash Extensions

Two to eight handmade, feather-light extensions per one natural lash give your lash line the ultimate in density and colour saturation. Perfect for clients wanting more depth and texture than Classic Eyelash Extensions can offer and ideal for clients that love the look of eyeliner & mascara. Volume eyelash extensions are great for clients that are looking for a strip lash look without the damaging effects that temporary strip lashes can cause after prolonged wear. The perfect accessory for special events and the most requested technique by brides.

New Set - $300
Up to four hours

Volume Fill (up to 21 days from last service) - $150
Up to two hours

Mega Volume New Set (New Sets only) - $375
Up to five hours

Please note: It is up to the client to pre-book their appointments and book-in sooner if they are experiencing a heavy shed.

Lash Removal (BAM Client) - $40 Flat Rate

Lash Removal (New Client) - $40/half hour


- Customer Satisfaction

If you are not satisfied with your lashes for any reason, please contact Bailey Allen Makeup by phone at 780.704.0199 within 72 hours* of your appointment to receive a thirty minute complimentary follow up appointment to address your concerns. 
Follow up appointments must be scheduled within two weeks of the original lash appointment, after two weeks, the client will be charged for a fill accordingly. No refunds will be given for any reason on services or products.

*After 72 hours, this service is no longer available.

Preparation for all lash services:

  • Please arrive to your appointment with MAKEUP-FREE eyes. Arriving with makeup on your eyes will affect the amount of time that we have to complete the service that you have been booked in for. Get the most bang for your buck; arrive prepared!

  • Caffeine and lash services do not mix. Consuming caffeinated beverages prior to your lash appointment causes your eyes to flutter making your lashes more difficult to lash.

  • Avid contact lens wearer? No problem. Please arrive prepared to remove your lenses prior to your lash service.

Need to cancel?
I kindly ask that you give me 48 hours notice when canceling an appointment in order to try to fill your time slot. Failure to do so will result in a cancellation fee being added to any future appointments that are booked.

All lash services are available to clients sixteen years of age and older. Anyone under the age of eighteen years of age will require written parental consent before an appointment will be made.